Loan Amounts, Interest Rates, and Fees

Affordable Small Business Loans for Growing Businesses

Accion helps qualified small businesses grow with affordable small business & startup loans. We help you take a step towards building your credit, too, because we report to all three credit bureaus.

Small Business Loan Products

  • Business Loans up to $50,000: for established, profitable businesses Review requirements
  • Emerging Business Loans up to $30,000: for businesses with 6 or more months in operation, but that are not yet profitable Review requirements
  • Transition Business Loans up to $30,000: for the purchase of an existing business or a change in business location Review requirements
  • Sprout Business Loan up to $10,000: for start-ups of 6 months with outside source of income (full or part-time job) Review requirements

Interest Rates, Terms, and Fees

  • Loan terms up to 60 months
  • Installment and balloon types offered
  • Competitive, fixed annual interest rates from 10.99% to 15.99%
  • Closing costs of 5% of the loan amount (minimum of $100) and a $135 application fee will be financed into your loan

What Loan amount is right for you?

Your loan consultant will work with you to determine what loan size best meets the needs of your small business—your income must be able to comfortably support monthly loan payments. The chart below shows approximate monthly payment amounts for common loan sizes, and can help you to decide what loan amount is right for you.

 Loan Size 
 Approximate monthly payment* 
 $2,000  $197

* Please note that this is based on an interest rate of 15.99% and a closing fee of 5% and depends on the term of the loan, which is generally about two years. Your specific payment schedule will be calculated at the time of closing based on the evaluation of your application.

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71 Barbershop

71 Barbershop

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